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The Accent eStore Program & How it Works

  1.  Accent Group and their sister companies provide a selection of swag options available worldwide. Products will be almost identical while allowing for culture differences and local regulations.
  2.  Our clients finalize the items they would like in stock/available on their custom eStore. They can request cost centers and an order approval process to suit their unique needs.
  3.  Goods are pre-decorated and stored in warehouses in NY, Toronto, Miami, London, Edinburgh, Poland & Sydney.
  4.  Branded in-stock items ship next business day, with bulk cost savings on prices and no minimum quantities. 
  5.  Non-stock items available on the eStore are able to skip the proof and head straight into production.
  6.  We provide our client's finance and marketing depts detailed reports on spend and cost allocation.


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Flow of customization:

Your products can be...


Purchasing Terms.


"one of our most important values is being flexible to accommodate client requests."



Our eStore platform capabilities.

  1. Most Accent eStores are run on the Shopify® platform, which has thousands of customization apps available.
  2. Four further specialized web platforms are available for use if required.
  3. Our eStores have been submitted to rigorous privacy testing. For more details, please email
  4. Shipment fees can also be customized according to your preference. Options include:
    • Fees being calculated & added to total at checkout
    • Shipping on your company's preferred courier account so all fees are billed directly to you.


What is the price?

  1. Our base eStore plan incurs a $900 USD set up fee and a $140 USD monthly maintenance fee.
  2.  Warehousing of all stock is completely FREE.
  3.  Additional customizations which are not included on our base plan are subject to additional fees which will be fully disclosed pre-contract.
  4.  Prices given at time of eStore set up are guaranteed for a year.


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